Can we save TIME and MONEY in shopping ?

"We all Love shopping, but no time to search for right deal"

EAMR Smart Marketplace does it all for us, with the shopping assistant work for us to get the right deal in less time.
By using EAMR we save TIME and MONEY
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Why Choose EAMR? And how it works


Just open the app and go into Wishlist.


Add in the name of the product/service that you wish for.


Include the reasonable ideal price range that you are willing to pay for Wait to be informed when a seller is willing to sell within the price range.

Add to cart

Add the product to the cart before the exhibition expires and make payment.


You will receive confirmation email of the transaction


Be ready to receive your purchase

Features & Details


Exhibition At My Room offers virtual exhibition experience

No need to WAIT

There is no need to wait for your favorite electronics exhibitions, beauty related fairs, baby fairs, clearance sales or other exhibitions. With EAMR, we constantly have such exhibitions happening for you. Such exhibitions could be showcasing of new products or technologies as well as sales exhibitions.

Brings to you all these exhibitions

EAMR brings to you all these exhibitions for the respective industries to your phone without you spending precious time on traveling and save on the costs. Thus conveniently giving you access to information about what latest product or gadget has been introduced to the market or what new invention has come out around the world.

Everywhere you are

Whether which part of the world are you at, you would be able to visit the exhibitions across the globe simultaneously as there is no need for you to plan for flight or accommodation. Purchasing option and internal networking tools are some of the basic functions provided.

Purchasing experience

A new purchasing experience call ‘Live Deal’ is also included which we are the first in the world to bring to the users.

Live Deal

We provide a platform where sellers could do "Live Deal". This helps them to reach out to the buyers effectively without the buyers searching for the best deal.

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EAMR is a proud participant of AWS Activate and we thank AWS to approve our application. We strive to improve the user experience for our app which is available in both IOS and Android systems.

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